I'm Barb. I care about improving computer science education and diversity in computer science.

    Parsons Problems

    I have tested Parsons problems against fix code and write code problems. Students solve Parsons problems significantly faster than fix code or write code problems with the same increase in performance from pre to post on assessment.

    Parsons Problems give students practice with constructing solutions by selecting and dragging code blocks into the right order with the correct indention. They can also have extra blocks, called distractors, that are not needed in a correct solution.


    I started Rise Up 4 CS to help underrepresented students pass the Advanced Placement Computer Science A exam.

    This project offers extra help sessions, near-peer role models, exposure to a college campus, and a community of learners.

    We have offered this project for over 5 years at Georgia Tech. An alumni survey showed that 63% of the alumni who are in college are majoring in computing. Of those still in high school, 62% plan to major in computing. In addition, 24% of the survey respondents said that being in the program changed their choice of major to computing.



    CSP ebooks

    Our research team at Georgia Tech has been creating ebooks for students and teachers to help them learn the programming and data parts of the CS Principles course. Teachers who do more of the interactive activities in the ebook have a higher confidence in their ability to teach the material.


    Media Computation

    An Engaging Context for Learning Computing

    My husband and I are known for our work on Media Computation which is an approach to teaching introductory computing concepts by having students write programs to manipulate media.


    I have experience in computer science education research,AI, 3D graphics, and UI

    Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

    Human Centered Computing PhD student since fall 2012

    I am working on ebooks to make it easier for teachers and students to learn programming. In particular, I have been researching Parsons problems and plan to make them adaptive with discourse rule feedback.


    Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

    Senior Research Scientist since 2006


    As a research scientist I have tried to improve the quality and quantity of secondary computing teachers and the quantity and diversity of secondary computing students. The number of students taking the AP CS A exam in Georgia increased from 427 in 2006 to over I,500 in 2014. I created financially self-sustaining computing summer camps and have grown them across Georgia as well as to other states. I created Project Rise Up 4 CS and Sisters Rise UP 4 CS to help underrepresented students pass the Advanced Placement Computer Science A exam.